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About Us

Massey Consulting Group was established in 2008 by Elisa Massey. As one of the nation’s leading zoning experts, with over 13 years of experience, Elisa has been one of the driving forces behind establishing zoning reports as a recognized source of vital information within the commercial banking industry.

Elisa's staff is comprised of seasoned employees with whom she has worked since almost the beginning of the inception of the zoning report. As an integrated team, Massey Consulting Group has forged strong working relationships with municipal officials, surveyors and local runners nationwide and into Canada.

With our clients' needs in mind, Massey Consulting Group has paved the way in providing services that combine research, review and analysis of site zoning information in an easy to follow format. Our standard for zoning compliance reports for national portfolio transactions totaling billions of dollars each year.

Our goal at MCG is to exceed our client’s expectations with exceptional service, dedication and integrity. We differentiate ourselves from our competition in the way we work with our customers. We let ourselves be measured by our results and level of their satisfaction.

About Us