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Massey Consulting Group Tired of all the paperwork?

In all likelihood, the jurisdictional authority overseeing that property has revised its zoning code many times. If that property was destroyed by natural disaster, could 3.8 million leasable square feet be rebuilt to its original footprint?

Good question! Ordering a zoning report from Massey Consulting Group would be a great place to start finding the answer.

MCG’s researchers address zoning compliance issues with regard to property use, setbacks, height, density, and required parking. Ultimately our clients are interested in determining if there are any binding zoning restrictions in replacing their building if it were ever destroyed.

With a report from MCG, you are assured a level of comfort in knowing if there are potential zoning issues on a property site and what you can do about them before an unexpected event should ever occur. Additionally, you can take comfort in knowing that each of our reports is backed by $1,000,000 in E&O Coverage.

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