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Why Choose Us

Client Satisfaction

The primary goal of our company is client satisfaction. We achieve this by providing prompt, professional due diligence services that are fairly priced. When you place your order with us, you are placing your trust in us. The staff of Massey Consulting Group takes this responsibility seriously.


We Make It Simple

The process starts when you first contact us by phone, fax, or e-mail. Whether you need to order a new report, have an existing report updated or just have general zoning questions, you will find our analysts personally attentive, resourceful and knowledgeable. We have years of experience working with municipal officials so we know how to simplify and in turn expedite the zoning process. Send us what you have and we will do the rest.



Based on your individual requirements, we will work hard to help you customize our report to meet your individual needs. We provide three levels of service: the Comprehensive Zoning Assessment, Document Acquisition and Customize your own Report.


We are Experts in our Field

We have been in this since the beginning. Our seasoned team was involved in writing zoning reports since the industry’s inception. That is why we know what works. We get more municipal documents in less time and more information in writing from local government entities. We believe it is important for only one person to work the file from beginning to end. Less confusion, higher quality and better communication. Expect comfort for yourself and your own clients.


Time Sensitive

We’re virtually paperless. Once received, every document you need can be made available in minutes. We understand the pressure of time constraints and we love a challenge!